Finding a Hobby

I’ve wanted a hobby for some time now. An activity where you can acceptably use the word  “tinker”. I wanted to be able to immediately connect with a stranger who shares the same hobby, instead of partaking in the American ritual of uncomfortable small talk. Something that is a creative outlet and has an end result. Something more fulfilling than evenings scouring Twitter and Reddit for half chuckles and cynicism-fueled opinions.

I found that hobby: homebrew. It’s often social, meditative, and a bit creative. It also doesn’t hurt that the end result is a drinkable beer.

I was hooked after the first batch — a brown ale brewed in conjunction with a slightly more experienced friend. After three weeks fermenting in primary and two weeks conditioning in bottles, we cracked our first brew. It was damn good!  We hosted a tasting party a few weeks later, and the feedback was unanimous — we made a delicious beer. One friend commented, “If Mike can make this, homebrewing must be really easy!” A dig, but mostly true.

Cheers to my first beer!

Cheers to my first beer!

I’m still in amateur-land, brewing with just extracts and steeping grains instead of a full all-grain batch. Yet that doesn’t deter me from brewing flavorful concoctions with ingredients like habanero peppers, cacao nibs, coriander, among others. With each new batch both my equipment arsenal and skill sets grow , as they should for a good hobbyist.

Why I’m starting a blog

It’s 2013. I’m 27 and starting my first blog, about a decade later than most. Why start now?

I’ve read that writing is a muscle, one that I’ve be neglecting. My pen-cep is saggy and my digits weak, as it’s been five years since I graduated college and even longer since I wrote about anything other than corporate strategy and finance.

The blog will be my gym. Beer and coffee, my protein shakes. The first few weeks and posts will be painful, perhaps even embarrassing. But, I look forward to the struggle and eventually, results.


Taking it easy on my first day back at the gym